Accident place

Car accident and God's healing

My name is Terttu and I will share my testimony about what seems impossible to humans but possible to God.

I married

I got married In 1974 1/11 I got married. Then I was 26 years old and my husband was 22 years old. We had known each other for a couple of years then. And we belonged to a free church. We were just friends at first. One day he visited me and asked if we could go out and jog together. We started meeting regularly. We jogged or had coffee at my house. One day he suggested that we get engaged. I said yes and we bought rings and we went to an older couple I knew. They lived in another city and had a house. We spent the night there. We slept in the same room but had decided to wait with sex until we got married. My husband had not been with girls before me and I had a Christian view that that part belonged to marriage. We got married six months later and celebrated with relatives and friends at my mother's house. I had a job at the hospital and worked the night often. The congregation blessed us after the marriage. I had not been told that I would be married, so they were horrified that I was not.

Car accident

The car accident Eleven days after the wedding, we would one day visit my mother-in-law. We would walk there and home. It was late at night and already dark when we were going home again. We would cross a major road. But there was a pedestrian crossing. I started to cross and then suddenly a car came out of nowhere and drove at me. I just flew in front of the car and then I remember lying on the ground. I told my husband hold my hand I'm scared. Then came the ambulance and the police. They asked if I was married? And how old was I? And what was my name? Then I do not remember anymore.


After the car accident I was allowed to stay in the intensive care unit for 3 weeks. Got 20 bags of blood. And was operated on 5 times. Had multiple fractures fractures. Had to stay at the orthopedist for 4 months. And got to teach me to sit and stand and walk again. Later I was transferred to the rehab department. I needed surgery again later. The left leg had not healed after six months. Got to come home on leave.

God's healing

My mother-in-law took me to a Christian meeting. And there was a young African girl praying for the sick. And she prayed for me while I sat there. Suddenly I felt that the pieces of bone that were crushed in the left leg were moving and some force was taking over take it. I had a relief position in my leg. I did not dare to take it off until I was home and I thought that if God has really healed my legs, I will stand up. And I got up from the wheelchair and my legs held! I was scheduled for surgery again and I walked there and pushed the wheelchair in front of me. The nurses screamed when they saw me and asked what I had done? And they hurriedly placed me in a wheelchair. And they drove me to the x-ray. The X-rays showed that the legs were healed! The orthopedic surgeon who was the son of Bishop Gärtner said: This is the great miracle of God! That you can go after all the injuries.


Life afterwards

I gave birth to two children after the accident. And I prayed to God that I would be healthy until the children grew up. And so it was. My husband and I divorced after 10 years of marriage. He could not bear the attitude of those around him that he was married to an "invalid" The congregation turned its back on me. There were nasty rumors that I had injured my head in the accident and that I did not understand anything. But God did not leave me. With the strength from God, I have been able to live after the accident. My children and grandchildren bring me joy!